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Storytelling: Sherri Ames, Candidate for District 1 Alderman, City of Lake Geneva

"I can be feisty, and I have my opinions. But I want to do what's best for this community and everybody who lives and works here.

I'm a lifetime Walworth County resident. I was born and raised in Delavan and my husband, Ray, lived five miles from me and we never knew each other. I was at a party on the Lady of the Lake and he was working. He told me to watch my step. I thought he was a jerk that I met earlier that year at a wedding reception, but he turned out to be a different jerk . That’s how we met. We started dating shortly after and were married the following September. We’ve lived in the same house on Center Street in Lake Geneva for the past 43 years.

My whole adult life has been helping in the schools and being involved in the City. I helped Ray with his middle school music program at LGMS and was involved in 4-H. I was the dairy leader if you can imagine that. They needed an adult there, so I signed up to be the dairy leader. My kids participated in the County Fair and showed cows. People couldn’t understand where we kept our cows on Center Street. My in-laws had a dairy farm west of Delavan where the cows lived and we spent a lot of time there. Being so involved took up a lot of my adult life.

My daughter, Amanda moved back here after college and is the current Band Director at Lake Geneva Middle School. We have two granddaughters that live here and one grandson who lives in Fond du Lac named Miles. Now my life revolves around, ‘Mom, can you babysit?’ and going to city council meetings. I enjoy being involved and trying to do what's best for all residents here in Lake Geneva.

What I would like to see is the City, the business people, the schools, and the residents all work together for the betterment of this community, because we do have a lot to offer. We can work together better. You know, there's been a lack of communication between the people and, with email and the internet, there's no reason that people can't communicate. We need to support each other and we need to support our schools because strong schools make a strong community." - Sherri Ames, Candidate for District 1 Alderman

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