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BID Agendas and Minutes

The Lake Geneva Business Improvement Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes are updated on the City of Lake Geneva website as well as on this page. 

For the most up-to-date information, please refer to the City of Lake Geneva website. 

Any questions, comments, or concerns should be directed to us at either or We also monitor our social media accounts closely for any communications. 

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BID Board of Directors - 2 Year Term
  • Janine Osborne - President - Jan. 1, 2025

  • Beth Tumas - Vice President - Jan. 1, 2026

  • Anthony Silvestri - Treasurer - Jan. 1, 2026

  • J. Alethea Salgado - Secretary - Jan. 1, 2025

  • Spyro Condos - Jan. 1, 2026

  • Laura Thompson - Jan. 1, 2025

  • Angela Carlson - Jan. 1, 2026


Alexandria Binanti - Executive Director 

Board Member Policies

The BID will establish a Board of Directors consistent with Wisconsin State Statute 66.1109 whereby a majority of directors must own or occupy real estate within the BID boundaries. The Board will consist of up to nine (9) members, as follows:

  • More than 50% shall be property OR business owners, within the BID

  • Managers or community members recommended within the BID

Terms of Office will be for staggered two-year terms, with and annual appointment by the Mayor. Term of office will begin January 1st with maximum service of three two-year terms.

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