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Storytelling: Pam "PJ" Wilkinson, Candidate for District 3 Alderman, City of Lake Geneva

“My theme song is, ‘Everything is awesome’ from The Lego Movie. And everything is awesome. If you're nice to people & friendly, you never know how things are going to work out.

The working people, the regular people, I feel like they need a voice. I've worked & volunteered extensively in Lake Geneva. My children went to school here & I volunteered in all of the activities at their schools until they asked me to please not come . I moved here right before 9/11. I saw how the community can come together & set aside our differences. I'd like to have more community involvement & bring our community together again.

I’ve had a number of careers over the years, but recently I was a rock climbing instructor. I would lead corporate team building with a focus on problem solving. There are multiple ways to solve almost every problem, but working together is a key factor to your success. In a team building program, you give everyone the assignment &, if one person decides they're going to try to do it on their own, they won't be successful. It's designed so you have to work together.

I worked at Urban Cloud for about six years & met lots of great people: locals & tourists. It gave me a unique view of what people are looking for in town & how we can meet their needs in a better way. Prioritizing locals is important. One thing that I did before curbside was cool, was offer the service to our clients. I would have them pull into the alley & one of the workers would run out. There's always a way &, if we prioritize the locals, I feel like they'll utilize downtown more.

I love walking around the city & playing Pokemon Go. I’ve met many people through the game. I've taken walks with people in wheelchairs while playing & I'm passionate about having edges ground down on crosswalks to make it more accessible for them. It’s these little changes that can make all the difference for some.” - Pamela “PJ” Wilkinson, Candidate for District 3 Alderman, City of Lake Geneva

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