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Storytelling: Kyle Cary, Candidate for District 2 Alderman, City of Lake Geneva

"I think we often confuse the term 'politics' with ‘leadership’. If we got rid of the word 'politics' and brought back the word ‘leadership’, we could bridge the gap between multiple bodies of people.

From a young age, I always wanted to be the person that was organizing the room, bringing people together, or coming up with new ideas. I like to create comfort within people and to find common ground.

As the Creative and Culinary Director at Celebration on Wells, I'm overseeing both the culinary and creative experience. I monitor what the space looks like: colors, textures, linens, glassware. I create that initial impression as people walk into the space and coordinate the experience to go along with it through the cuisine. At a wedding, for instance, there are a lot of moving parts. It's like putting a puzzle together. If you have a missing piece, the puzzle doesn't come together. It's the same thing with a position on the City Council, you have a lot of different steps, and they all have to come together to create an end goal.

I love to be in the leadership spectrum of things, so it was a no brainer when I had the opportunity to join the plan commission almost three years ago. While serving on the Planning Commission, I voted on approving the murals that are coming this year. I think murals that embrace the city's history and area, it’s so cool. I lived in La Crosse for some time, and all over downtown there are murals on the buildings. The art gave me this sense of history, a sense of uniqueness, and a sense of pride in the area. There have been many instances while on the planning commission when I was happy to be a part of a change or times when I thought to myself, ‘Wow, I learned something new and exciting tonight’.

The most amazing thing about Lake Geneva is the camaraderie of people. Whether it be the people that are living here year round, or the people that join us for the summer months, this area brings a sense of zen. It’s hard to have a bad attitude or feel down when you’re in the area." - Kyle Cary, Candidate for District 2 Alderman

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