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Come see these talented artists paint live time on May 15-19! Kicking off their painting at 10am, these individuals will be working day and night to create masterpieces in the community. 

"Greetings From Lake Geneva"
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Neal Aspinall


Neal was born & raised in the beautiful resort town of Lake Geneva, WI and is a graduate of the Art Institute of Colorado who was inducted into their Hall of Fame in 2007. The school forced students to learn all aspects of advertising design, including photography, graphic design, life drawing, art history, illustration, and typography. This has all been useful as his work blurs the lines between illustration, design, advertising and fine art. He loves simplicity in his images and likes to allow the viewer to fill in the blanks. He is a big fan, & student, of pre-'60s Americana advertising. His work has been described as 'Using images of the past to communicate concepts of the present'.

Dean Tawwater


Over the last ten years Dean’s specialty for vintage art and signage has led him to the world of murals. Having painted large scale works for the Kenosha Kingfish (Simmons field), Madison Mallards (Warner Park), Madison Forward FC (Breese Stevens Field), Green Bay BooYah (Capital Credit Union Park), Art Root Racine, and numerous small businesses throughout Wisconsin, his passion lies in balancing history, art, and bold statement pieces to catch the community’s eye. Born and raised in Southeastern Wisconsin, he loves having beautiful Lake Geneva in his backyard and is honored to have his work with Neal’s imagery as part of the community.

"Lake Life...Young At Heart"
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Freybrianne Ziervogel & Sabrina Roddy


Freybrianne is a multi-generational local to Lake Geneva and loves her hometown working and volunteering her time to the community to make it a better place to live and visit. Freybrianne attended Carthage College in Kenosha and The Institute of Beauty and Wellness in Milwaukee for Esthetics. Freybrianne has worked for Clear Waters Salon and Med Spa since 2005, loves being involved with creative and artistic projects, and would love the opportunity to add something special to Lake Geneva’s character.

Sabrina’s family has called Geneva Lakes area home since the late ‘80s. Sabrina attended UW Milwaukee. After leaving the area for nearly a decade to pursue a career in the spa industry, the lake called her home to raise a family. Sabrina believes that nowhere else compares to the Lake Geneva area. Growing up in Lake Geneva was an incredible experience and she feels blessed to be able to share that with her own children. To have the opportunity to paint a mural in downtown LG is a dream come true.

"Homage to Dungeons and Dragons"

Chris Scharpf

Chris is a long time local resident of Lake Geneva and specializes in detailed murals and has an avid interest in the unique history of the area. This concept will surprise and satisfy the growing number of people that visit Lake Geneva as the birthplace of world renown Dungeons and Dragons gaming system. Thousands flock to locally held gaming conferences, like GaryCon. He believes a downtown tribute painting will be a perfect fit, and will motivate some to explore downtown on a break from the gaming tables and check it out along with the new LG museum exhibit, and the local DnD mini house Museum.

"Showcasing Lake Geneva Indigenous Roots"

Allison Dunavant & Christine Crawfors with Girls Who Paint Murals

Originally from North Myrtle Beach, SC now residing in Charleston, SC. Alli has her BA in Studio Art from Coastal Carolina University and her MFA in Studio Art from the University of South Carolina. Alli has over 3 years of mural painting experiences.


Christine was born and raised in Columbia, SC. She has her Marketing Degree from Coastal Carolina University and found her love for painting and murals shortly after. She owns her own mural company out of Columbia, SC and can be found @Christine.C.Creates on Instagram. Together Alli and Christine collaborate on murals and call themselves Girls Who Paint Murals (@girlswhopaintmurals).

There's a few things that interested them in this project. “To start, I think Lake Geneva Wisconsin is such a beautiful area and it would be wonderful to work there.  I also really enjoy the idea of an 'Artist in Residence' type of thing that encourages spectators to come by while we paint. I think this is such an integral part of murals; the community engagement element. Murals are one of the most accessible forms of art and I love to celebrate that feature of them. And finally, I saw the mention of Native American history as part of a potential theme, and I really was drawn to that as I have Native American lineage,” states Allison Dunavant.

"Lake Geneva Blooms"

Dustin Eckhardt

Dustin Eckhardt is a mural artist & illustrator living in Rockford, IL. His work showcases vibrant colors and clean illustrative line work that explores themes of nature, curiosity, introspection, and more. “I find that painting community murals is a great way to connect with new people, inspire others, and make an impact on the world through my art. Downtown Lake Geneva holds a special place in my heart being somewhere I have visited and enjoyed exploring many times.”

The One We're Keeping a Secret...

Kelly Locander

Kelly Locander grew up in Lake Geneva. She attended Badger, worked in the retail shops, and spent the warm days paddle boarding with her dog on the lake. She loves exploring nature, her dog, and art. She is excited to leave her mark on her hometown.



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